taking off the Blindfold
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How Is It In Your Jungle?
Does it sometimes feel different groups are pulling and
driving in different directions – perhaps not with any
ill-intent but from single-minded focus? You’re among
the majority, if your organization is perceived differently
by department stakeholders – Senior Leadership,
Management, Field Staff, Marketing, Product
Management, Production, Customer Service,
Finance and Administration
- and if these titles don't
fit, no worries  - we have ministry and association
specific applications! 

Fighting Against Mediocrity Takes Courage
It’s natural and it takes initiative to pull everyone up to a
higher view. Take the initiative to get people talking
about what they are seeing and thinking about your strategy,
resources and culture.  Afraid of opening a can of worms? 
That's why it takes the courage of a leader.  Besides, you can't catch fish if
you are fearful of opening a can of worms! Our unique process of working with executives allow the view of each stakeholder to be heard and thus results in a clear and cohesive understanding of where you are organizationally and where you are heading.  We use that understanding to clear away obstacles, recalibrate the heading (when necessary) and expedite your arrival.

Tapping Into Co-workers
As executives, moving fast and decisively, we are sometimes prone to making assumptions about what is going on within our industry and within our organization. Tapping into the knowledge and perspective of our employees unleashes ideas and awareness we otherwise cannot leverage. The reality is we can’t know everything that is happening and we do need some type of regular process to collect critical data, in constructive methods, to keep the team moving forward together.

Setting the Baseline
Good news always has a way of finding us; it is awareness of troubling issues that eliminate problematic surprises. If you've ever said "If only I had known" or “What in the world were they thinking!” we can tell you! Our on-line process collects your staff's perspectives in an unbiased and immediate fashion (25 minutes). This process also has the powerful benefit of the positive message it sends that their opinions are important and valued. We consider this process setting a baseline, and we store this for measuring future improvement.

See The Jungle More Clearly
As we unwrap the blindfold as to what each executive sees, we then ask about priorities. When asked "How aligned is your team?” we receive one of two responses, "I'm not sure" or "Absolutely we are aligned!". To the latter, the question is “How do you know”? And after a period of silence the answer is "it’s a feeling". We provide objective data. Our methodology identifies where people see the priorities and you will clearly see how closely you are aligned.

Time is of the essence in many organizations and it should not be wasted by people working really hard but in different directions.

New Energy and Behavior's
Perhaps the single greatest result of going through an arm’s length diagnostic with a team is the dialogue that is created. People begin applying Covey’s Habit of “first seek to understand and then be understood”. The conversations that derive from these results can truly be life-changing and transforming for the organization and people. Suddenly there is a new spirit, a new cohesiveness unlike anyone has previously experienced and which unresolved could frustrate people to the point of turnover. We like the analogy of the blind men investigating an elephant as it so often applies to the pace of business today.

Take Some Action Jackson!
Please contact us today
for a conversation on how we can assist your organization to see more clearly as a team.  And you'll be glad to know, if time is "of the essence", we can "take that blindfold off" virtually and in days not weeks.